5 Programs Specially Selected and Contextualised for different groups of Employees in an Organization

These Programs focus and cater to the training and development needs of employees in an organisation/corporation to equip them with the essential skills needed to perform their job roles/tasks to deliver the best results. 




  1. Emergenetics Profiling ™ - Advancing individual and team performance through Emergenetics.
  2. The Influence Advantage™ - How to Influence Your Stakeholders and Get What You Want Even Without Authority
  3. The Negotiation Advantage™ - How to Secure Win-Win Negotiations through strategies and tactics
  4. Fundamentals of Project Management - Lead projects of all scale and ensure they are completed on time, within budget, and meeting the quality
  5. The Balanced People Manager™ - How to develop, coach, and manage people to meet your team goals consistently.



  • These Corporate Training Programs/Courses are carefully designed and packaged based on competencies needed to excel in work roles.
  • The Corporate Training programs/Courses has been conducted to both multi-national and local companies in the chemical, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, accounting software, marine, and high tech industries with excellent past evaluations and feedback from participants
  • These Corporate Training Programs/Courses are designed to be Activities-based to increase learning and transfer of learning to the workplace.



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