The Negotiation Advantage™

How to Secure Win-Win Negotiations through strategies and tactics


Synopsis Of Negotiation Skills Training:

Very often in negotiation, people think that everything lies along a straight line between their position and yours. The only creative thinking shown is to suggest splitting the difference.


Negotiation Skills Training Singapore


However, there is an abundance of options like premature judgment, searching for the single answer, the assumption of a fixed pie, and thinking that "solving their problem is their problem."

Learn negotiation strategies and tactics to help you overcome the challenges and achieve win-win situations for both parties, achieving definitive agreements, strengthening work relationships, avoiding non-productive conflicts, and make more efficient use of your most precious of resource – time.

Benefits Of Negotiation Skills Training:

  • Analyze important aspects of influence and negotiation and achieve shifts in thinking.
  • Understand fundamentals in influencing, learn different influence styles and behaviours - when and how to use them
  • Able to scan and decode personality types and select the right communication strategies.
  • Understand the fundamentals of Negotiation
  • Identify with cross-culture differences that may impact a negotiation.
  • Prepare thoroughly for the four stages of negotiation.
  • Conducting a negotiation with confidence.

Who Should Attend The Negotiation Skills Training?

  • Anyone involved in negotiation with suppliers, vendors and contractors.
  • Managers and leaders who need to acquire negotiation skills to further enhance their management and leadership effectiveness.

What Other Corporate Training Courses We Provide?

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