The Influence Advantage™

How to Influence Your Stakeholders and Get What You Want Even Without Authority.


Synopsis of Influencing Skills Training:

Influencing skills is one of the most crucial survival people skills you require in order to achieve cooperation, support, and collaboration with others. You may not always have the authority to do so, given matrix and flatter organizations.


Influence Advantage



In fact, in most circumstances, you have to rely on the relationship with others, the creditability you have built, and most importantly, your mastery of influencing skills. Unlock your ability to influence and gain that influence advantage via our powerful Influencing Skills Training in Singapore Today!

Benefits of Mastering Influencing Skills Training:

  • Mindset shift
  • Learn more about your own influencing style
  • Understand the different influence styles and behaviors
  • Match the influence styles to different personality types and situation.
  • Be versatile in influencing teams, cross-cultural, senior management
  • Learn to build strong relationship, rapport and credibility
  • Be savvy with stakeholder management
  • Be able to develop a plan using blueprint for any influence situation.

Who Should Attend this Influencing Skills Training?

  • Leaders, managers, supervisors of all levels.
  • Anyone who wants to further improve their influencing skills at work and in their personal lives.

What Other Corporate Training Courses We Provide?

Other than the Influencing Skills Training, there are other corporate training which are essential to survive and be successful in a Corporate World. They are Emergenetics Training , Negotiation Skills Training and People Management Skills Training and Project Management Skills Training. These are essential training that imparts the skills to enable one to climb the corporate ladders and be successful in their career. Check our list of corporate training for a Program Overview.


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