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What is Good Negotiation Skills?

Developing the proper negotiations skills is crucial, not only for your business, but whenever you need to make a deal that goes in your favor. While even the best negotiators will not always get what they want, they will avoid being on the losing end because they didn’t understand how to negotiate properly.  By learning what you need about the art of negotiation, you may dramatically improve your business or personal position.


Plan & Prepare

A good negotiator knows what they want and how much they can spend so they never get distracted from their goals. This requires some planning and preparation so that they can be properly prepared to negotiate from a position of strength. It also means that you understand how to make a proposal and where your fallback positions will be so that you do not give away too much in getting what you want.


Know Your Opponent

It helps to find out as much as possible about the person or company that you are in negotiations. The more you find out about them, the better position you are in to offer something that they might really want. A good negotiator brings with them all the tools necessary to get the best deal possible and sometimes what the other side really wants is something that you can get easier than what they originally ask.


Look for Angles

Another important aspect of negotiation is looking for places of agreement and expanding upon them to create a larger deal. While you may find that your ultimate goal may not be reached, you might still get a good deal from the negotiating process because you listened and paid attention to what the other side was saying. Look for places of agreement and how you can build upon them to make a good deal.


Know When to Walk Away

There are times when you reach an impasse and the only recourse to walk away from negotiations. All too often, those who are not as skilled will become desperate to make a deal and offer something they should not. You will need to keep your head and realize that once you have given what you can, it’s time to walk away. That doesn’t necessary mean the end of the negotiations, but you should be prepared to give them up if the price is too high.

The art of negotiating is a combination of listening, making proposals, and having a positive mindset. It takes a little time and experience to develop good negotiating skills, but it is something that anyone who is willing to learn can do.

In the end, your negotiating skills will be paramount to getting what you need for your company or in your personal life.


How K2W Training Can Help?

We can help you thanks to our program, THE NEGOTIATION ADVANTAGE which teaches the basics of negotiation, how to prepare, and how to focus on what you need while getting the best deal possible. Call our offices today and find out more about how we can help you become a better negotiator.


What Other Essential People Skills To Survive in a Corporate?

Other than the Negotiation Skills, there are other skills which are essential to survive and be successful in a Corporate World. They are Influencing SkillsLeadership Skills and People Management Skills. These are essential skills that enable one to climb the corporate ladders and be successful in their career. Check our list of corporate training which delivers the workshops and programmes to cover these skills.



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