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What are Influencing Skills?

To be successful in business, career, and your personal life means developing a series of people skills that helps you to succeed. One of the most overlooked is the skill of influencing others which helps everyone get what they want.

The ability to influence others is one that is not as difficult as it first might seem, but you do have to learn and develop the right traits. The good news is that many of the attributes needed you already have and may be using in other areas, they simply need to be pulled together so that you can increase your ability to influence & manage others.


Influence by Example

It’s a lot easier to influence someone to climb a mountain when you have done it yourself. The best influencers are achievers which provides a powerful motivation for others to achieve their goals. Use your experiences as the foundation for influencing others which means that you may have to go out and do more on your own. This can be a wonderful learning experience which you can use to influence those who work for you or even your family members to help them achieve their dreams.


Be a Positive Force

To influence someone, you must be a positive light in their eyes. Otherwise, whatever words or actions you use might go unnoticed. You will need to start by building up a positive image of yourself by the actions that you take. People look up to others who achieve through their work and perseverance, so start by becoming positive about yourself, what you can do, and deliver by accomplishing your goals.


Start with Something Achievable

The old saying that a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step is also a powerful way to influence others into taking action. In other words, your lofty goals may seem too high and too far away to reach, but by providing a smaller goal to be achieved along the way the larger objective suddenly becomes more obtainable. This approach makes it far easier to influence others into taking the action you want because they can see it is possible one step at a time.


Learn to Listen the Right Way

Influencing is not just a matter of giving commands and expecting people to follow. It is never a one way communication! There will always be those who question what you say which in turn needs to be addressed through listening. Hear them out, take what they have into account, and then turn it back on them using their example if possible. Remember, you are not trying to defeat their idea, you are trying to influence them in the right way which starts by listening and taking value in what they say.


Here's a Good Video on "How to Influence different types of People?" from that we hope you find it useful to learn more about how to influence people.


How K2W Training Singapore Can Help?

By developing your influencing skills, you can become a better leader, executive, manager, event organizer, team member and help others achieve their goals in their job as well. We can help you become better at influencing people the right way; thanks to our proven corporate programme "The Influence Advantage" who had helped many individuals in this influencing skills development.

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What Other Essential Skills To Survive in a Corporate?

Other than the influencing Skills, there are other skills which are essential to survive and be successful in a Corporate World. They are Negotiation Skills, Leadership Skills and People Management Skills. These are essential skills that enable one to climb the corporate ladders and be successful in their career. Check our list of corporate training which delivers the workshops and programmes to cover these skills.



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