The Balanced People Manager™

How to develop, coach, and manage people to meet your team goals consistently.


Synopsis Of The People Management Skills Training

The role of the manager is challenging and requires one to juggle management expectations, project deliverables, delegating, team conflicts, individual aspirations, complex decisions, problem-solving and more.


People Manager skills training Singapore


This programme has been specially designed to address the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to help newly transitioned managers to gain an in-depth understanding of their roles and learn to fully embrace the concepts of achieving results through people.

Experienced managers will also find this programme enriching and revitalizing, helping them to sharpen their people management skills.

Benefits Of The People Management Skills Training:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the role and responsibilities of a manager
  • Aware of your leadership style to will learn to adapt and meet the needs of individual team members
  • Improve communication to effectively set expectations for yourself and your direct reports.
  • Use effective coaching techniques to maximize your team’s performance
  • Lead team with team charter and goals to drive high performance
  • Become more savvy and effective in managing upwards

Who Should Attend this People Management Skills Training?

  • Newly promoted managers who need to understand the subtleties of effective people management.
  • Experienced managers and leaders in need of a refresher to further sharpen their people management skills

What Other Corporate Training Courses We Provide?

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