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What is People Management Skill?

Those who are successful in employing people management skills do so because they understand how to adapt what they have learned to individuals in their employment. There is some truth to the saying that managing people is more of an art than science, but it is also true that learning such skills are not as difficult as you might think. If you are running a business or are a part of management team, here are some of the skills you need.



One of the basic skills is being clear in terms of your approach, message, and expectations. This means you will need to ensure that your words, attitude, and demeanor all match so that you are expressing what you want from everyone. The lack of clarity means employees may not fully understand your expectations or worse, go in directions that you do not want them to go. So, be sure that everyone understands from the start what is expected and how you are there to help.



Perhaps the most important of all management skills when it comes to your employees is listening. Too many managers side with being bosses first which means that if something is not right, mistakes are made, or information not properly delivered, it is because the employees fear retribution which only makes things worse. Good people skills means that your employees are comfortable in coming to you when something bad has happened so that it gets solved. Instead, you run the risk of an unhappy workplace that creates inefficiency and losing productivity.



In some ways, it’s like climbing a ladder with the end being the desired goal and the rungs being each step along the way. Successful managers provide direction in terms of what needs to be accomplished and daily goals that help employees progress in a manner that can be charted. Any slips or delays can be addressed quickly with far less pressure so that the project can get back on track. Plus, the information gathered can be used to set future goals that are more in-line with the capabilities of the company. 


Greater Empathy

Each employee is also an individual with their own personality, needs, and ambitions. An important part of getting the most out of each employee is understanding what they want to achieve in your company. They might want to move up the corporate ladder or they might be positioning themselves for another job in the future. Whatever the case, you will need to tap into their ambitions and use that to motivate them to work more efficiently for you. Even if you feel they may be gone in a short time, that’s okay as long as you understand the importance of getting the most out of every employee while they are working for you.


How K2W Training can help with your people management skill?

You can learn effective people management skills and employ them in the workplace to improve efficiency, productivity, and reduce absenteeism which in turn boosts your bottom line. K2W Training Singapore can help you find out more about how to effectively manage those who work for you and get the most out of every employee.

We have an Effective & Comprehensive People Management Program/workshop called "The Balanced People Manager" which will help you to acquire such skills to effectively manage your people. 

Don’t wait, call us today and find out more about how we can help you employ the most effective people management skills for your business.


What Other Essential People Skills To Survive in a Corporate?

Other than the People Management Skills, there are other skills which are essential to survive and be successful in a Corporate world. They are Influencing SkillsLeadership Skills and Negotiation Skills. These are essential skills that enable one to climb the corporate ladders and be successful in their career. Check our list of corporate training which delivers the workshops and programmes to cover these soft skills.



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